We are Girl Pioneers: Bridges To Empowerment to transform the world

The MAIA and Girl Pioneers’ story

In Guatemala, just 1 in 10 young Indigenous women complete high school. This leads to predictable cycles of early and frequent pregnancy. Coupled with entrenched discrimination and lack of education, it creates shackles of poverty and exclusion.

This is what we call arrested talent.

At MAIA, we are committed to identifying girls who are at risk of ending their education after primary school but have the power and tenacity to shift paradigms and set on a bold trajectory toward empowerment and opportunity. We call these young women Girl Pioneers.

Girl Pioneers are capable of igniting change within themselves and for themselves. They are their own heroes.

Listen to Amelia, Andrea, Angela, Diana, Estefany, Ixq’anil, Karen, and Lucero, Girl Pioneers of the MAIA Impact School. They are raising their empowered voices today and serving as examples for future generations by becoming a Bridge to Empowerment.

Become a Bridge To Empowerment and opportunity, and TOGETHER we will catapult these brave young women from the shadows and into a future of endless possibilities!

Empowered Women, an Infinite Impact!

The power of giving opportunities to girls

Lucero and Wendy, Girl Pioneers of the MAIA Impact School, participated as guest speakers at the 2023 Central America Leadership Initiative (CALI) Regional event.

They are demonstrating that increasing women’s leadership

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