At MAIA, we are a dedicated and passionate team that blends traditional values with progressive thinking. Our staff is 79% Indigenous Maya, and 87% are female. This alignment of race and gender ensures critical empathy and cultural relevance at every juncture.

Meet the team



Meet Andrea, a remarkable Maya Tz’utujil woman from Santiago Atitlán. Holding a social work degree and nearing completion of her master’s degree in social enterprise management, Andrea’s journey with MAIA began in 2012 as a mentor. Progressing through the organization, she served as MAIA’s Director of Monitoring and Evaluation until assuming the role of General Director. She became Co-Executive Director in 2023.

As the first in her family to graduate from university and one of the few women in her community pursuing higher education in social work, Andrea stands as an inspiring example to our Girl Pioneers, showcasing the limitless potential and possibilities that lie ahead.



Lidia, a Maya Kachiquel woman from Poaquil, Chimaltenango, studied natural resource management in Wisconsin and business administration in Taiwan. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in public-private strategies for sustainable development.

Fluent in Kachiquel, Spanish, English, and Mandarin Chinese, she joined MAIA in 2018, becoming an integral part of our mission to empower young women. Lidia is also an active member of various networks and fellowship programs, including Vital Voices Global, Community Centric Fundraising Council, Gratitud Network, and Solve-MIT. Her inspiring journey showcases the transformative power of indigenous women. She assumed the role of Co-Executive Director in 2023.



Allow us to introduce Beverly, a talented Maya Kaqchikel woman from San Andrés Semetabaj, Sololá. Holding a bachelor’s degree in business administration, she is deeply committed to advancing her personal and professional growth by learning English. Beverly’s journey with MAIA commenced in 2016 when she joined as a mentor, responsible for selecting incoming students for the Impact School. Later, she assumed the role of Program Coordinator for the University Scholarship Quetzal Fund. As of 2021, Beverly has taken on the position of Director of Operations, where she oversees all administrative, financial, and operational teams in Guatemala. Her remarkable progression serves as a shining example of the power of dedication and continuous learning.



Meet Vilma, a resilient Maya Kaqchikel woman and one of six children, still residing in her birth village. Her remarkable journey with MAIA began in 2010 as a mentor, and she has since risen to become the school’s first director when it opened in 2017. Proficient in three languages, Vilma’s dedication led her to the US to shadow school leaders in 2016. Currently, she is in the final semester of her pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in secondary-level education. Vilma’s influence extends beyond MAIA, as she represented the organization at the UN and the Zayed Sustainability Prize in Abu Dhabi. Her unwavering commitment exemplifies the potential of young women to make a global impact.



Meet Roselia, a determined Maya Kaqchikel woman from Cojobal, Patzun, who holds the distinction of being the first in her family to earn a university degree. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, she embarked on her journey with MAIA in 2011 as a mentor and has since ascended to the role of Director of Impact. In her current capacity, she oversees the selection of new Girl Pioneers and manages MAIA’s Launch Year program. Roselia’s inspiring journey vividly illustrates the transformative power of education and dedicated mentorship



Meet Isabel, a Maya Kaqchikel woman from Sololá, holding a bachelor’s degree in education. She pursued social work studies with a scholarship, and in 2017, she became part of MAIA as a mentor. Today, she holds the position of Director of Socioemotional Programs, where she leads and supports both individual and group socioemotional programming within MAIA’s family engagement program. In 2019, Isabel secured a scholarship for leadership training, which further enriched her skills and broadened her network of support. Her inspiring journey underscores the transformative power of education and the relentless pursuit of personal growth



Jenny joined MAIA in 2019 as the Coordinator of Grants and Communications and assumed the role of US Country Director in 2022. In this capacity, she oversees the organization’s resource development, finance, and operations as a non-profit entity in the United States. Jenny brings over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector, with a focus on education, immigrant rights, and women’s empowerment. After nearly a decade of living and working in Guatemala, she relocated to Chicago, where they currently reside. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Latin American Studies from Grinnell College.



Maritza, originally from Puerto Rico, has dedicated the majority of her career to expanding access to educational opportunities. After working in Guatemala for a decade, she joined MAIA in 2019 as the Director of Development. During her time at MAIA, Maritza initiated the Latina Alliance for Impact and the NÏm Mamá Fund, involving Latina women in the United States in supporting girls’ education and empowerment in Guatemala. Maritza holds a Master’s degree from Georgia State University and currently resides in Antigua, Guatemala.

  • Vice Principal – Cara Lee Hendren
  • Coord. of Academics and Math – Celestina Poz
  • Coord. of Academics and Math – Yolanda Yaxón
  • Coord. of Admin and Science – Celena Cuy
  • Math Educator – Glenda Sofia Cuc
  • Math Educator – Henry Can Coroxón
  • Math Educator – Lilian Par
  • Math Educator – Cristian Contreras
  • Math Educator – Cristrina Ajiquiché 
  • Social Studies Educator – Gabriela Muj
  • Social Studies Educator – Teodora Tuyuc 
  • Science and Chemistry Educator – Lesvia Iboy 
  • Natural Sciences Educator – Evelyn Pablo
  • Literature and Language Educator – Paula Saloj
  • Literature and Language Educator – Veralilia Cuc
  • Literature and Language Educator – Elvira Sánchez
  • Literature and Language Educator – Griselda Mendoza
  • English Educator – Ixchely Saloj
  • English Educator – Elvia Bixcul
  • English Educator – Linda Pablo
  • English Educator – Marlin Pocop
  • Technology Educator – Cynthia Queche
  • Learning problems Specialist – Madeleine Velepucha
  • School Secretary and Library Manager – Angela Locón
  • Coord. of Mentorship – Mayra Ben
  • Coord. of Health and Leadership – Silvia Naz
  • Mentor – Victoria Julajuj
  • Mentor – Mayra Carolina Chiroy
  • Mentor – Petronila Mesía
  • Mentor – Silvia Julajuj
  • Mentor – Selina Sotoy
  • Mentor – Ana Yaxón
  • Mentor – Aura Xoquic 
  • Mentor – Maria Reanda 
  • Mentor – Claudia Vicente
  • Mentor Assistant – Zucely Choy
  • Mentor Assistant – Joselin Chumil
  • School Nurse – Sandra Saloj
  • Coord. of Selection – Jerónima Sulugui
  • Selection Mentor – Amalia Pablo
  • Selection Mentor – Irma Ben
  • Career Development Coach – Sandra Yool
  • University Access and Scholarship Coach – Brenda Saloj
  • Professional Support Coach – Norma Jesús Rocché
  • Finance Subdirector – Floridalma Coché
  • Accountant – Imelda Cholotío
  • Human Resources Subdirector – Virgilio Yach
  • Human Resource Assistant – Aneliesse Figueroa
  • Administrative Assistant – Viviana Chumil
  • Administrative Assistant and Purchasing Agent – Ofelia de León
  • Impact School Administrator – Ana Caniz
  • Maintenance – Gloria Chiroy
  • Maintenance and Gardener – Francisco Tuy
  • Maintenance – José Quisquiná
  • Maintenance – Salvador Pablo
  • IT coordinator – Abraham Ramirez
  • Technology Volunteer – Sae Motsuo
  • Coord. of Monitoring and Evaluation – Mayra Choc
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant – Graciela Coz
  • Quetzal Fund Assistant- Yuri Coché
  • Head of the Kitchen – Manuel López
  • Kitchen Assistant – Hector Palax
  • Kitchen Assistant – Irma Velásquez
  • Kitchen Assitant – Santa Jiatz
  • Grants and Operations Manager – Benjamin Farley
  • Comms & Fundraising Manager – Guadalupe Natareno
  • Marketing and External Relations Project Manager – Chiara Petruzza
  • Comms & Fundraising Assistant – Adela Tuy
  • PRESIDENT – Bill Ernstrom
  • VICE PRESIDENT – Meg Ounsworth Steere
  • SECRETARY – Joanna French
  • TREASURER – Christi Nielsen
  • Ana Teresa Bixcul
  • Michelle Dorion
  • Sonja Gustafson
  • Greg Goldberg
  • Marta Julia Ixtuc
  • María Kaltschmitt
  • Andrew Kane
  • Ana Rocio Monzón Woc
  • Maria Isabel Matzir
  • Concepción Petzey
  • Angel del Valle
  • Xochitl Oseguera
  • Board of Directors BIOS 

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