Become an Ally for Girls’ Education through Alianza, our recurring giving program. By doing so, you will make a meaningful impact on girls’ education and join a global community dedicated to promoting gender equity.

Become an Ally to Girl Pioneers with a recurring donation of $25 or more!

When you join the Alianza program,

you will receive exclusive access to inspiring content created by Girl Pioneers on the Alianza platform.

The Alianza platform allows you to:

  1. Submit motivational messages for Girl Pioneers and MAIA staff.
  2. Receive prompts and powerful questions submitted by Girl Pioneers to explore essential topics and challenge preconceptions.
  3. Forge a stronger connection to Guatemala

Current Allies can access the exclusive Alianza Platform

In the Alianza Platform you will have exclusive access to a world of inspiring stories, valuable resources, and captivating updates directly from Girl Pioneers. It’s a space dedicated to celebrating the bold new trajectory of Girl Pioneers and witnessing their achievements!