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Our impact through the years

We are proud to share the accomplishments and impact of our programs in our Annual Reports.

  • 2021 Annual Report 
  • 2019 Annual Report 
  • 2018 Annual Report 

Beyond the numbers

Education: A Gateway to Empowerment,” MAIA’s inaugural qualitative impact report, delves into the most significant changes in the lives of MAIA Girl Pioneers. It goes beyond the numbers, focusing on their experiences and testimonials.

Scaling our impact through partnerships

We serve as an innovation platform, facilitating access to best practices to girl and youth development actors. As services and opportunities expand throughout Guatemala, our impact grows, promoting equity and inclusion. Since 2016, we’ve provided innovative, girl-focused training to over 65 organizations and schools through collaboration.


Established in 2019, unites four like-minded organizations that share a common size, philosophy, and mission. Its focus is on developing and implementing a multicultural leadership pathway and nurturing a new generation of female Maya leaders.


The Guatemala Hub, a part of the START Network, supports cohesive communities through mutual solidarity and actively advocates for their rights in disaster preparedness and humanitarian response.