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Educating For Change

Inequality is present in several areas and affects the development of society. Many today work for the development of our country—Guatemala—especially in rural indigenous communities where this problem occurs more

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Tzijonem - Voices of Change

Tzijonem means “conversation” in the Maya language Kaqchikel and is a space created by Girl Pioneers to use their empowered voice and engage with leaders from around the globe who are generating impact.

Using their competencies—critical thinking, innovation, vocal empowerment, and resiliency—Girl Pioneers are leading conversations with changemakers, Olympic athletes, Nobel Prize laureates, politicians, musicians, writers, activists, entrepreneurs, empowered Guatemalan women, and more to discuss critical issues in education, leadership, and development.

These conversations are led by Girl Pioneers in their second language of Spanish; however, they also engage with international changemakers in English, their third language.

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Conversatorio Tzijonem

El poder de ir solo con Alex Honnold

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Conversatorio Tzijonem

A woman ‘s strength can break stereotypes with Kendra Smith

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