Who we are

We are an organization led by Indigenous women for Indigenous girls.

MAIA connects talent with opportunity, maximizing the potential of young women to lead transformational change. We are working to break cycles of poverty, discrimination, and injustice through the education and empowerment of Indigenous girls in Guatemala.

Our name comes from Maia: one of the brightest stars in the sky, a symbol of knowledge and wisdom and holds meaning in all three languages we work in (Kaqchikel, Spanish and English).

Who is a Girl Pioneer?

We call our students Girl Pioneers because they are forging a bold new trajectory.

Girl Pioneers are Indigenous girls who live in rural areas and reside at or below the poverty line in Guatemala. All Girl Pioneers receive a scholarship to attend the MAIA Impact School and participate in the 7-year program.

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MAIA graduates attain a minimum of 15 years of education. We recognize that each Girl Pioneer has distinct ambitions, so we collaborate with them to identify programs that cater to their unique needs after graduating from the MAIA Impact School.

Indigenous women in Guatemala, on average, receive only 3 years of education.


MAIA graduates secure formal employment, attaining financial stability and independence. The average annual income in Guatemala is $US 5,000, and MAIA’s objective is for graduates to achieve annual earnings exceeding this amount.

All Girl Pioneers live at or below the poverty line when they enter the MAIA Impact School.


MAIA graduates will postpone marriage and pregnancy until they reach an average age of 25, ensuring they are in a stable position to support a family. Currently, 57% of young Indigenous women in Guatemala are married or have become mothers by the age of 20.


MAIA graduates unlock their leadership potential. Guatemala has the lowest level of female political participation in the hemisphere. We are working to change this by promoting women’s leadership at all levels of society.

Our Goals

Our goals are the pillars of creating a better future for all!

At MAIA, all of our programming and innovation are aligned with four goals for Girl Pioneers. Each goal is monitored through incremental growth measured annually to ensure that each Girl Pioneer is on a trajectory to reach her true potential.

Our Core Values

At MAIA we have organizational values, that guide the organization and the staff members:

An organization centered on girls & their families




Team work