The Future of Girl Pioneers

The MAIA and Girl Pioneers’ story

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating the determination of Girl Pioneers by creating their Future Me profiles as career professionals in the fields of their choice! Girl Pioneers have years before they graduate from the MAIA Impact School, but they are already taking big strides in following their dreams. They are studying, developing healthy communication skills, gaining leadership skills, and learning three different languages. 

Join us on a trip to the future where Girl Pioneers are lawyers, doctors, businesswomen, and diplomats!

When indigenous women know their rights and have an understanding of the justice system, they learn how to navigate a world that has historically failed them, especially related to gender-based violence, land rights, and their basic human rights. Renata wants to be a lawyer and will have the skills to make educated decisions to empower other women and girls to fight for their dreams. 

How important is it for your doctor to understand your culture, your language, and your social context? In rural Guatemala, many have to take several buses to different communities in order to receive medical attention. In these clinics, indigenous patients are too often met by doctors who do not speak their Maya language and do not understand how to support their traditional indigenous medical practices. Maria Rosangela wants to support her community by becoming a medical professional who comes from and understands the needs of rural communities.

Diana wants to become an international relations expert. This field would allow her to become a politician, diplomat, or even an academic. Only 8% of the National Guatemalan Congress (2016-2020) identify as indigenous even though the indigenous population makes up 40% (in some studies up to 60%) of the Guatemalan population. Indigenous women make up only 1% of seats in Congress. Diana will become a trailblazer representing her community on a national and international stage!

This IWD we are celebrating Girl Pioneers’ determination by asserting that indigenous women have the right to visibility and leadership in the industry of their choice. Maria wants to become a businesswoman. One day, she will apply her empowered voice and leadership skills from the MAIA Impact School in the board room.

Saudi is a 7th grader, in her first year at the MAIA Impact School she has already developed important skills that will help her reach her dream of becoming a doctor. At MAIA we are guided by the question “how far can she go?” and believe that when Girl Pioneers have the tools they need to succeed their impact becomes infinite. 

Watch our ambitious dreams video about the goals and determination of Girl Pioneers to celebrate their hard work and potential!

Empowered Women, an Infinite Impact!

The power of giving opportunities to girls

Lucero and Wendy, Girl Pioneers of the MAIA Impact School, participated as guest speakers at the 2023 Central America Leadership Initiative (CALI) Regional event.

They are demonstrating that increasing women’s leadership

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