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Poetry: a powerful catalyst for dialogue and peace!

Girl Pioneers use poetry as a tool to express their emotions and break the bias

Poetry promotes literacy, builds community, and fosters emotional resilience. It opens venues to speaking and listening. 

When Girl Pioneers use poetry to express their voices, they are not only using their creativity and growing their inner confidence, but also overcoming barriers by demonstrating that there are no boundaries to what a woman can do. 

For this World Poetry Day and in celebration of #WomenHistoryMonth, we invite you to read some of the most powerful pieces that these audacious young women have composed as part of their coursework.


Being a brave and independent woman,
It is a gift of life.
It is life itself that is surrounded by people
They love us very much.

To be a woman is to be unique
Be brave and great.

We never give up, 
And we bloom like a very pretty rose.


With my voice I make a call to all women,
Let’s unite with the same interests, weaving a network,
Intertwining smiles of peace and hope.

Let’s fight for the freedom of our voices,
Exercising our rights

To live in a society without oppression or inequality.


I have thousands of wishes in my head.

I wish to sing.
I wish to travel.
I wish a good future.
I wish to graduate
And I want to be in a safe space
so I can unwind.

I wish to be on a stage
And express my feelings.

I like that others sing the songs
That I sing.
We all have thousands of wishes
To achieve a good future.


We leave valuable footprints
So that more women do not get lost.
The day someone gets lost and is in danger
Let’s look for her, walk every path until we find her.

I think about my future and that of ALL the other women.
Let us unite our forces so that new generations
Have a better future.
Let’s not let our dreams be forgotten.


The past is forgotten,
The present is lived.
Memories will become more memories,
Self-portraits will be more than a painting.
The story of our life always lives in our body.
Each scar is of joy or pain.
I count the stars, and I feel that everything will be fulfilled.
Everything that friendship gives,
Is dear in my hands.
The dry times are the heavy ones,
Green times are joy.
What is born in the morning,
It is a blessing for the heart.

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