Girl Pioneers stand out in Girls Opportunity Alliance event and campaign

María Florinda represents MAIA in an event with former First Lady of the United States and Founder of the Obama Foundation’s Girls Opportunity Alliance, in New York on October 25. Ingrid is part of the global digital campaign called Get Her There. Both are Girl Pioneers of MAIA.


María Florinda was chosen by the Obama Foundation to be part of an official event on October 25 in New York within the framework of the Get Her There campaign—a global call to action from the Obama Foundation’s Girls Opportunity Alliance to empower and educate girls around the world.

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“I feel very excited because I did not think I would travel abroad one day. I also feel happy because I am an example of the work and trust that many of our allies have placed in us. I am proud to represent MAIA in front of other organizations, specifically in front of the Obama Foundation,” shares María Florinda.

The process and getting to New York was not easy, but it was worth it—it was Maria Florinda’s first time on an airplane! Maria Florinda had to write a letter speaking to her 25-year-old self. In this letter, she shares that her dream is to be a doctor and help her community and her family.


In this event, María Florinda will represent MAIA alongside Vilma Saloj, Director of the Impact School. They will share a space on stage to speak about their life story and the importance of investing in girls’ education.

By participating in this event, I would like to demonstrate that when girls have the resources to develop their skills, they can achieve what they want, transforming their family, community, or wherever they go. Despite living in a society where gender, culture, and language inequalities are very present, they will know how to face them and even challenge and change these ideologies,” continues María Florinda.


Ingrid, another student in our program, appears in the launch video for the Get Her There campaign. Ingrid was asked to write a letter speaking to her 25-year-old self, and she wrote about her professional goals and her hopes for the future.


Ingrid’s dream is to be a tourism manager and a pioneer in her community to break gender gaps and stereotypes that limit young Indigenous women in Guatemala from achieving their goals.

In addition, Ingrid participated in a conversation with Michelle Obama and actress Marsai Martin published in Elle Magazine, where she shared her story and highlighted the importance of girls having access to education.

Believing in the potential, leadership, and empowerment of Girl Pioneers and young Indigenous women of Guatemala allows us to build a world where ALL girls and adolescent women have a voice, participation, and vote for a more just and equitable tomorrow.

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