Diana and Lucero raise their voices for all of Guatemala to hear!


For the second consecutive year, Girl Pioneers from the MAIA Impact School won at the CIMAT fair, an event in Guatemala for students between 8th and 12th grade meant to recognize and provide seed funding for projects in the areas of science, engineering, mathematics, arts, and technology.

In this year’s edition, Diana and Lucero, two 12th-grade Girl Pioneers, were awarded first place in the category of Arts with their project Raise Your Voice.

The song Raise your Voice challenges the different stereotypes women face at different stages of their lives,” share Diana and Lucero. “It was born as a result of seeing, living, and feeling what women face every day. Women and adolescents who have had a terrifying past, who suffered, who live in silence,” they continue.

The goal of this song is to empower women, sharing their voices with the world without fear. To carry an inspirational message that breaks paradigms and creates a positive impact in the world, conclude Diana and Lucero.

“Girl Pioneers are very active and have a strong social conscience. Participating in the CIMAT fair is a great opportunity to recognize the different needs that exist in the communities and respond to them through innovative ideas and projects in one of the five areas. Thus they begin to generate a positive change,” shares Yolanda Yaxón, Academic Coordinator of the Impact School.

Once again, Girl Pioneers are demonstrating that they are not the problem, they are the solution!

The power of giving opportunities to girls

Lucero and Wendy, Girl Pioneers of the MAIA Impact School, participated as guest speakers at the 2023 Central America Leadership Initiative (CALI) Regional event.

They are demonstrating that increasing women’s leadership

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