MAIA’s intellectual property


At MAIA, we have become aware of the unauthorized use, reproduction, and appropriation of images, videos, audio, and audiovisual content in advertisements, platforms, job boards, and other such companies. These images are the intellectual property of MAIA and have been used without authorization.

In light of this, MAIA would like to make it known that:

  • MAIA demands and requires that any individual or organization wishing to use the image of the Girl Pioneers (MAIA students), collaborators, logo, or brand must submit a written request to MAIA addressed to the Executive Directors. Only the Executive Directors of MAIA will confirm in writing the authorization or rejection of the corresponding request. Additionally, MAIA must be given all intellectual credits in the publication.
  • MAIA does NOT authorize the use of images of Girl Pioneers, collaborators, or any element of the MAIA brand for advertising and/or profit-making purposes.
  • MAIA is committed to protecting the image, identity, and dignity of its team and every member of MAIA, especially Girl Pioneers, who are additionally protected by the Child Protection Policy. From the outset, Girl Pioneers (through their parents) grant written authorization to MAIA to use their image, voice, and name. However, this authorization is solely for MAIA and does not extend to third parties. For this reason, MAIA has established policies and guidelines for using its brand, team, and students by third parties, aiming to safeguard the dignity of Girl Pioneers, their families, collaborators, and the organization.
  • All images, videos, audio, and materials published on MAIA’s official digital and non-digital platforms are the property of MAIA and have the authorization of the authors for their use and dissemination. This intellectual property policy or permission DOES NOT extend to third parties without formal written consent from MAIA.
  • MAIA enforces the Copyright or Intellectual Property policy and rejects any use of images without MAIA’s authorization infringing upon the rights of the Girl Pioneers, their families, and collaborators. Any unauthorized use is deemed a violation of intellectual property and a breach of individuals’ rights by using their images without authorization.
  • Taking into consideration that intellectual property laws immediately protect authors’ creations, even if they are published on digital platforms, we assert this information as our Intellectual Property policy and demand that it be respected.

Introducing MAIA!

We have changed our name, but our mission remains the same. We are committed to unlocking and maximizing the potential of young women to lead transformational change.

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