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In the central Guatemalan highlands, amidst captivating landscapes and vibrant cultural traditions, a deeper narrative takes shape:

The journey of the Kaqchikel girls, a powerful story of women's empowerment.


With education as their tool against adversity, these young Indigenous women are reshaping their futures and uplifting their communities.


What if we start working with young women before they drop out of school, get married, and have children at a very young age?
What if they could break the cycle of poverty by unlocking the knowledge and skills they already have to be successful - how far can they go?


In these inspiring stories, the determination of the "Girl Pioneers" shines as a testament to the transformative impact of education, igniting a brighter path to prosperity and change not only for themselves, but also for the next generations of young women.

Join us and be part of the solution!

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Who we are

We are an organization led by Indigenous women for Indigenous girls.

At MAIA, Indigenous women are leading the change, empowering generations of young Indigenous women through an educational model that embraces academics, culture, socioemotional intelligence, personal development, and family engagement.

Together, these elements form the bedrock for nurturing a generation of powerful female leaders who will drive transformative change.

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Why education for Indigenous girls?

In return

for every $1 invested in girls's rights and education

High school graduates

In Guatemala, 2 of 10 Indigenous girls graduate from high school.

Poverty Index

In Guatemala, 65.9% of Indigenous women and girls live in poverty.

Early Pregnancies

Early Pregnancies

57% of Indigenous girls will become mothers before they are 20 years old.


Our Impact

  • The MAIA Impact School
  • The Most Significative Change
  • Annual Reports



Must Read

Education: A Gateway to Empowerment

We invite you to read MAIA’s inaugural qualitative impact report, delves into the most significant changes in the lives of MAIA Girl Pioneers. It goes beyond the numbers, focusing on their experiences and testimonials.


Story of Impact

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