Our Impact

At MAIA, we prioritize depth over breadth. We have strategically decided to work with a limited number of young women and their families because we are committed to supporting them holistically over the long term to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, from their first day as MAIA Girl Pioneers until they have reached their full potential. We believe that by prioritizing depth we ensure an accelerated pace of development within the communities in which we work. We see that our graduates break cycles of poverty in one generation.

By combining powerful innovation with cultural attunement and empathy, the MAIA program overcomes long-standing paradigms of exclusion and is supporting generations of young women to achieve their infinite impact.

MAIA mentorship impact and data compared to girls in guatemala

To date:

  • 230 young women have graduated from our mentorship program.

  • 14 Girl Pioneers are currently enrolled in public high schools and are participating in our legacy mentorship program. The last participant will graduate from high school in 2020.

  • 147 girls are currently enrolled at the Impact School. As of 2019, we have 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. In November 2022, we will celebrate our first graduating class!

Girl Pioneers at the MAIA Impact School receive three times as many hours of class time as their counterparts in public school, totaling over 1,785 hours per year. We maximize each hour to ensure that Girl Pioneers are able to catch up to grade level by the time they finish middle school; on average, they are gaining two grade levels a year in math and literacy.

Every educator at the Impact School received over 1,000 hours of professional development last year.

Each year, every student completes at least eight hours of community service. In 2018, Girl Pioneers and graduates completed over 1,000 hours of community service by planting trees, doing community cleanups, volunteering in local clinics and primary schools, etc.

All Girl Pioneers at the Impact School receive 1.5 hours of mentorship each week.

Each Girl Pioneer in our program receives regular home visits from her mentor to ensure her family is learning alongside her. Mentors dedicated over 2,100 hours in 2018 to working with families.

The total number of family members impacted by the family accompaniment programs and regular home visits by our team of mentors is over 2,500 individuals.

Our team is 88% female, 76% indigenous, and 24% of our local team are graduates of the program.

40 partners have received trainings organized by MAIA and delivered by local and international partners.