Start an Ally Network

Ally Networks respond to the question “How far can WE go?”

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Ally Networks are small groups of compassionate individuals who believe in the power of girls’ education to change the world.

As an Ally, you are investing in the future of Girl Pioneers at the MAIA Impact School, supporting them to achieve their infinite impact while you explore your own. By starting or joining an Ally Network, you and your friends will have a unique opportunity to grow alongside Girl Pioneers by engaging in meaningful conversation during monthly or bimonthly meetings. These get-togethers are designed to foster friendship and personal development through our dynamic discussion guides that are designed around the competencies on which the Impact School was built.

Start an Ally Network

  1. Invite four or more friends to join your MAIA Ally Network. The group should be large enough to include a variety of voices but small enough to align busy schedules for monthly or bimonthly meetings.

  2. Invest together as monthly donors and support MAIA Girl Pioneers to achieve their infinite impact. Five friends giving $50 each per month can provide one full scholarship to the Impact School a year. As an Ally, you will have a unique opportunity to witness the academic advancements and personal growth of a group of Girl Pioneers through monthly emails and updates.

  3. Connect with your fellow Allies over coffee, lunch, drinks, an afternoon walk, frozen yogurt, etc. and deepen your relationships with our discussion guides. Ally Network meetings are meant to strengthen relationships with group members and further personal socioemotional development through quality time and meaningful conversation.

  4. Create a profound impact in the lives of Girl Pioneers at the MAIA Impact School. Together, we can all achieve our infinite impact and create a more inclusive and equitable world.

Our goal is that this program brings all of our Allies joy, purpose, and dedicated time to focus on personal growth. We can all be changemakers when we invest in being the best versions of ourselves.

If you are interested in starting an Ally Network please email Laura at to discuss launching your group and to receive the Ally Network Discussion Guides.