Our Goals

We measure the impact and success of our programs through four overarching organizational goals that are in line with our continuous pursuit of the question “how far can she go?” All of our programming and innovation is aligned with these areas of impact, and each goal is monitored through incremental growth measured annually to ensure each Girl Pioneer is on a trajectory to meet her true potential.

Goals (1).png

Economic Autonomy

The average annual income in Guatemala is $3,500 USD. Our goal is that each MAIA graduate will be employed and have annual earnings that exceed this amount. All Girl Pioneers live below the poverty line (defined as roughly $1000/year or less per person) when they join the MAIA program.

A Family on
her terms

57 percent of young indigenous women are married or have become mothers by the time they are 18. Our goal is that MAIA graduates will delay marriage and pregnancy until they are at least 25 years old and in a stable position to support a family.

Lifelong learning

The average indigenous adult in Guatemala has 2.5 years of schooling. Our goal is that MAIA graduates achieve 15 years of schooling. We know that each Girl Pioneer has different ambitions, so we work with them to find formal and informal programs that meet their unique needs after graduating from high school.

Unlocking leadership potential

Guatemala has the lowest level of female political participation in the hemisphere. We are working to change that by increasing women’s leadership at all levels of society. Through our mentorship curriculum, peer-to-peer support network, and monthly family home visits, Girl Pioneers develop the internal strength, skills, and emotional intelligence they need to be leaders. They are empowered to empower.