New Horizons Graduate Program

We view high school graduation as an incredible achievement, not a finish line. Once the Girl Pioneers graduate from high school, they continue to face barriers and intense social pressures. In the interest of continuing intensive support, the New Horizons program supports graduates to stay on track to achieve the four goals, while granting them the freedom to explore new opportunities.

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Our goal is to ensure that all Girl Pioneers can continue their education after graduating from high school, which is why our mentors work with each graduate to ensure she has the information and resources she needs to access the higher education model of her choice. Fifty-six percent of graduates are currently enrolled in university or taking formal classes, and 44 percent of those students have university scholarships, 33 of which are provided by the Quetzal Fund.


Nothing informs career direction more than firsthand experience. However, Girl Pioneers come from families that lack both experience in the formal job sector and networks to support their daughter’s job search. MAIA mentors address this need by matching Girl Pioneers with paid three- to six-month internships with other social impact organizations and local businesses.


MAIA graduates who wish to launch their own businesses have access to trainings and guidance from partners in the business incubator space. Business partners guide graduates through every step of the process and connect them with opportunities for seed funding. To date, MAIA graduates have opened and continue to operate seven small businesses, several of which focus primarily on social entrepreneurship.

Graduates can choose to pursue one, two, or all three of these tracks.

To truly understand our impact, read our posts about Jerónima and Chonita, two Girl Pioneers who are now working for MAIA and supporting future generations of girls to achieve their infinite impact.

When you invest in MAIA, you are investing in a sustainable model with proven impact and 100% of your donation is invested in the impactful programmatic work.