Amplifying female voices 


Awards and Recognitions

2019 Zayed Sustainability Prize: Selected MAIA as the most  “innovative and inclusive” school in the Americas

2018 Colorado Women’s Foundation Women Have Wings Award: Recognizing leadership of MAIA Guatemala Director, Norma Baján

2014 Malala Fund: Recognizing MAIA Girl Pioneer, Ana Teresa

2012 “Yo Soy Atitlán” Award: The city of Santiago, Atitlán recognizing MAIA’s environmental work


La Voz de MAIA MAIA’s very own podcast (Spanish)

Global Press Journal articles written by MAIA Guatemala Director Norma Baján (English)

nómada articles written by MAIA Guatemala Director Norma Baján (Spanish)

MAIA in the News (English)

BRIGHT Magazine “In Rural Guatemala, Can This School Make ‘The Girl Effect Happen?’” (2019)

5280, Denver’s Mile High Magazine “A World of Difference” (2018)

MAIA in the News (Spanish)

el periódico “Promueven el empoderamiento” (2019)

el periódico “La cantina Un viaje al interior” (2019)

el periódico “Las patojas de Xolbé” (2019)

el periódico “BAM lanza la nueva plataforma digital: Kilómetros con Valor” (2019)

Look Magazine “Nacer, Crecer y Cambiar el Segundo Departamento Más Pobre del País” (2018)

Guatevisión “Jess Weiner cambió a Barbie y ahora ayuda a niñas de Sololá” (2018)

MAIA featured in printed publications

Doing Good . . . Says Who?: Stories from Volunteers, Nonprofits, Donors, and Those They Want to Help, Connie Newton and Fran Early (2015)

Theatre for Women’s Participation in Sustainable Development, Dr. Beth Osnes (2014)

#GiveInspiration: How to Give Effectively, written collectively by volunteers of the global organization Givology (2014)