Join the Movement

When you invest in girls’ education, empowerment, and leadership training, you are investing in a more inclusive and equitable future. With our 100% model, all donations directly support MAIA students, educators, mentors, and families.

When you invest in girls, they earn higher wages and make their own financial decisions, wait to start their families, and have fewer but healthier and more educated children. Their own health also greatly improves, and they participate in their communities, all of which combine to create a positive ripple effect and break cycles of poverty. Globally, countries that have greater levels of gender equality are safer and more prosperous. Educating girls is also among the top forms of combating climate change.

Join us in supporting young women to become the leaders that our global community needs.

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Thanks to a handful of investors, MAIA is fortunate to feature a “100% model,” meaning every dollar of your contribution is directly invested in our students, staff, and families in Guatemala.

By making a monthly donation, you become a key partner in our programs by ensuring that our deeply impactful initiatives are sustainable.

As an Ally, you are investing in the future of Girl Pioneers at the MAIA Impact School who are blazing an unprecedented trajectory through secondary school and beyond. Your commitment and partnership helps these trailblazers begin to lead choice-filled lives.

If you would like to mail a check, please make it payable to MAIA and send to our Chase lock box:
734087 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1734

If you have any questions about how you would like to get involved, please email Laura Benoit, Director of Engagement, at or call us at (720) 316-0355.