The global conversation and movement around girls’ education and empowerment has evolved significantly in a short amount of time. Just a few years ago, the focus was on access to education, and we now understand the limitations that come with this focus on access alone. In Guatemala and many other places worldwide, the challenge has several layers: (a) schools are using antiquated curricula, outdated instructional techniques, and facilities in deplorable condition and (b) schools do not address the socioemotional needs of youth developing into young adults. Fortunately, MAIA is engineered to respond to precisely this type of challenge and ensure that students will acquire the key skills and knowledge needed to meet 21st century opportunities. Additionally, our commitment to innovation and best practices allows us to remain nimble to respond to the changing needs of students and their families. We continually enhance our program, always working toward scalable and replicable systemic change.


MAIA Impact School + Mentorship

A holistic education with an equal focus on academics, culture and identity, and personal development is the key to creating a generation of empowered female leaders.

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New Horizons
Alumni Network

Support for Girl Pioneers continues long after graduation. We know many transitions and challenges lie ahead, and our mentors are there to support each graduate as she makes important life choices about university, employment, and social pressures.

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Chispa Innovation and Collaboration

“Chispa” means spark. A network of public, private, and NGO partners collaborate to spur innovation and lead sustainable local development to ignite systemic change for gender equity and education.

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