MAIA Impact School

Photo by Janna Overend

Photo by Janna Overend

The Impact School is a secondary school created to maximize the potential of Mayan girls by providing a high-quality education while supporting holistic socioemotional development and celebrating culture. It is the only school of its kind in Central America. Every aspect of the school, the curriculum, and the mentorship program has been developed to nourish and connect the girls’ talents with the opportunities of the 21st century.

When you make a donation to the Impact School, you are investing in a generation of empowered young women who are becoming leaders in their families, communities, and country.

The school’s highly intentional design incorporates these unique elements:

Photo by Livvy Runyon

This operation is designed, led, and implemented by an all-indigenous, 95% female staff. This race and gender mirroring ensures critical empathy and cultural relevance at every juncture, key to Girl Pioneers’ success.


Our program boasts academic quality and quantity. The school offers approximately three times more hours of rigorous academics than the average public school in Guatemala. To ensure high-quality academics, our curriculum strives to meet international standards.

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Educators have all completed at least 1,500 hours of training, receive continual coaching from international experts, and provide an education that draws from the top resources in the world, proving that deep investment in local talent can unlock local talent.

starfish mentorship

The holistic focus centers on socioemotional wellness and access to information that is critical to each girl’s personal development. Mentors support Girl Pioneers to navigate life’s challenges, develop and use their voices, and actively participate in society.

Starfish achieves success with families, not in spite of them

We achieve success with families, not in spite of them. In addition to bimonthly parent meetings, every family receives at least one monthly home visit to ensure that families are learning alongside their daughters and are creating a new shared vision of a better future.


Seven core competencies are deliberately built into every aspect of the school to ensure that graduates will be on track to achieve the four goals: Critical Thinking, Excellence, Growth Mindset, Negotiation, Intercultural Network, Resilience, and Vocal Empowerment.

Innovation and collaboration

An abundance mindset and a focus on open-source collaboration enables the MAIA Impact School to change the broader educational system. The school draws from best practices and contextualizes them for rural Guatemala. The school draws innovations from over a dozen international experts and proactively shares these tools with many other schools and programs throughout Guatemala.

Become an Ally with Maia Impact

Become an Ally today and support the young women who are studying at the Impact School on their journey to becoming empowered leaders who ignite positive change.

The Impact School is located near the city of Sololá and serves roughly 40 remote villages. In 2019, we will feature grades 7-9. We will add a grade each year, and when the school reaches capacity in 2022, we will serve roughly 300 Girl Pioneers and families in grades 7-12.

This is just the beginning, we need your help. Here’s how you can get involved.