How to get to santa catarina palopó


By tuk-tuk: Hail one of the many red tuk-tuks that are buzzing around Panajachel and ask the driver to take you to “La Plaza en Santa Catarina Palopó.”
*Approximate cost Q20 per person.

By pickup truck: Travel like a local. The most common way to get back and forth from Panajachel to Santa Catarina is in the back of a pickup truck. The trucks leave about every 15-30 minutes from Panajachel. The truck stop is in front of Despensa Familiar, a large green grocery store on Calle Real at the far end of Rancho Grande.

*Approximate cost Q3 per person

You can also ask your hotel to help you organize a private driver or taxi.

If you would like, Milsa can meet you and your group at your hotel in Panajachel and travel with you out to Santa Catarina Palopó in the pickup truck. This requires an additional fee of Q75.