External Relations Specialist

Position: External Relations Specialist
Location: Sololá, Guatemala

Join the MAIA team! Join our dynamic team at the MAIA Impact School located near Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. This entry-level role is for a fluent Spanish-English speaker and focuses on communicating the impact of MAIA to external audiences. This is an opportunity to work in the field and be on the cutting edge of girl-focused innovation that is redefining education in Central America.

About MAIA
Founded in 2007, internationally recognized MAIA catalyzes female momentum where it is most needed. Through a powerful combination of local leadership and rigorous innovation, MAIA is unlocking the power of the “Girl Effect” among some of Guatemala’s poorest families and communities. The program targets girls otherwise unable to continue their studies beyond the 6th grade and empowers each to become a “Girl Pioneer” who trailblazes an unprecedented trajectory through and beyond secondary school.

As a rights-based organization, MAIA ensures that all communications highlight the empowerment of staff and the young women and families that we serve. MAIA is among the few female, Maya-led organizations in Guatemala. This position is among the very few in MAIA that is occupied by a foreigner.

MAIA is a fast-moving, dynamic organization that is redefining education in Central America. The purpose of this role is to communicate the impact of MAIA to external audiences. This is achieved through powerful written communication and via creating authentic experiences for visitors to the MAIA program.

This job is amazing because…

  • It puts you in the field, on the cutting edge of girl-focused innovation that is changing the game for girls in Guatemala.

  • You work alongside an incredible, indigenous team who all mirror the trajectory of Girl Pioneers.

  • There is an opportunity for growth in a fast-paced organization that was recently recognized as the most inclusive and innovative school in the Americas. 

  • The Impact School is full of girls and families who are going to transform Guatemala and our world.

This job is hard because…

  • MAIA has high expectations. This is not a passive, sit-down role where things are always predictable. You will need to move quickly between a variety of tasks (go in a 2-hour period from posting on Facebook to taking a visitor to a nearby village to taking a class photo).

  • You are expected to immerse yourself in MAIA’s unique organizational culture that celebrates growth mindset, vocal empowerment, congruency, and challenging the norm.

  • You will be in the field. This means traveling, eating, and living like a local.


 Visitors and Partnerships (35%, will grow to be between 50-60% of your workload)

  • Promote the MAIA Impact School

    • Lead tours of the Impact School and coordinate additional special activities as needed with the local team

    • Market the opportunity to local hotels and tour companies

    • Manage pre- and post-communications with interested prospects

    • Manage visitor contact data and add them to any relevant communications systems

  •  Coordinate visits and logistics for international visitors who are coming to Guatemala to experience MAIA

    • Lead visitor trips for investors, innovators, and programmatic partners. This includes coordinating trip logistics, working directly with the Director of Engagement and in-country staff to arrange and confirm activities

    • Ensure the appropriate waiver forms are completed by each visitor and saved pre-visit: Empowerment Policy and Child Protection Policy

    • Facilitate pre-trip and post-trip feedback collection for innovators, facilitators, or anyone offering trainings or consultancy

    • Accompany visitors on an as-needed basis and be on call for any questions or logistical needs

    • Support requests (from the US and Guatemala) for in-kind donations to support the equipping and operation of the school 

  • Support and grow the Impact Tours independent for-profit tour company

    • Work with graduates to develop unique half-day cultural tours that provide visitors with an insight into life in rural Guatemala

    • Promote Impact Tours

    • Manage the admin processes and pre/post experience communications

    • Guide visits as needed with grads until they are fully trained to lead tours on their own

Implement a communications and marketing strategy that engages our network, conveys our impact, and supports our team to achieve our fundraising goals in coherence with our brand values (45%)

  • Develop and gather content in line with the communications and marketing strategy for social media, e-blasts, blogs, fundraising campaigns, and appeals in addition to visual content (photography/videography). You are amplifying the stories and events that take place at the MAIA Impact School.

  • Compile data for grant reporting and other donor programmatic updates

  • Support the Alianza and Ally Networks program (including gathering and disseminating information, student updates, coordinating video teleconference calls, photography, and videography)

  • Manage internal communications systems including the creation of the monthly mini-boletín to share organization updates—successes, challenges, HR changes, and short stories of impact from CI, New Horizons, and grads—with key stakeholders

  • Translate documents as needed

 Execute essential operations and administrative functions (20%)

  • Manage the visa and travel process for any Guatemalan team members or program participants who are traveling to the US

  • MAIA offers very limited volunteer opportunities because we believe in the power of our local team. From time to time, we will receive a highly qualified volunteer, and you will be a key team member in managing that process.

  • Support as needed on special events

    * The above tasks are not to be considered an exhaustive list of the tasks that correspond to this position. As a small organization, this position will entail other duties as assigned.

Required and Desired Experience


  • Advanced/fluent Spanish and English (spoken and written)

  • Strong interpersonal, written, and spoken communication skills (Spanish and English)

  • Current or previous experience living or studying abroad

  • Passion for the cause of girls’ education with an affinity for working alongside a powerful local team and Girl Pioneers

  • Burning desire to engage new audiences about MAIA

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Experience working with MailChimp and Canva

  • 1-2 years work experience in a relevant field

  • Communications or marketing experience

Competencies: You will…

  • Pay attention to detail, be proactive and flexible.

  • Have the ability to “code switch” fluidly between very distinct constituencies, including people from rural Sololá, Antigua/Guatemala City, and the US.

  • Embrace the opportunity to be outside your comfort zone.

 Job Details

Location: This position is based out of the MAIA Impact School in Sololá (about 45 minutes from Panajachel on public transport).

Schedule: 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday (though the schedule will vary during donor trips, events, or if content is needed from weekend programmatic activities). The Specialist is expected to work 40 hours per week.

 Compensation and Commitment:

  • $600-800/month depending on experience. There is an opportunity for a raise in the first six months if key performance indicators are met.

  • MAIA is looking for a 12-month commitment working primarily from the Impact School located in Sololá, Guatemala, about 45 minutes from Panajachel.

 Start Date: As soon as July 10, 2019; latest possible start date August 5, 2019

 Payment Schedule: Paydays are the last business day of every month.

 Please note that the IRS will require to you pay taxes on any income earned. Payment of taxes is the responsibility of the employee.

 Professional Development: MAIA is committed to investing in our staff. If you find a professional development opportunity you would like to pursue, please share the opportunity with your supervisor to evaluate the possibility.

 Visa Requirements: Per Guatemalan visa requirements, the External Relations Specialist will be required to extend their visa every 90 days or leave the country every 90 days to renew their visa. Visa extension and renewal costs are built into the structure of your salary.

For inquiries or to apply, please email Jenny Dale at jenny@maiaimpact.org with your résumé and a recent writing sample. If you do not have a writing sample, please write about a time that you used your voice to advocate for someone or something important to you. Writing samples should be no more than two pages in length.