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MAIA Catalyst Conversations 2019 in Denver, CO
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Please share this free event with friends and neighbors who might enjoy getting to know MAIA.

During this dynamic social gathering, we'll explore how we can each choose to be brave over perfect and encourage others, especially the women and girls in our lives, to do the same.

Often we learn that our students and colleagues at the MAIA Impact School employ great courage to pursue opportunities they barely understand, or with which they have little to no prior experience. We've been especially inspired by how they choose bravery in the face of scrutiny once they've secured these new opportunities, and how they broaden their impact by leveraging their success to open the door for others. We recognize this to be a universal occurrence and a journey that many of our Colorado and US community members have taken themselves.

This event will feature a panel with group discussions, an opportunity for audience members to leverage their own impact, and a delicious Mexican-inspired brunch by Tortilleria Mixteca.

You’ll leave empowered to pursue bravery over perfection and armed with new strategies to support women in the global community.

Special guests will include Lidia Oxi, high school director of the MAIA Impact School, and pediatrician Dr. Diane Kane, board member and former chair of Florence Crittenton Services.

Questions? Email Laura at laura@maiaimpact.org for more information.