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MAIA Annual Event 2019 Denver, CO

During this dynamic social gathering, we'll step inside the life of a young indigenous woman. See how her life changes when she has access to a high-quality education that is designed to set her on a bold new trajectory and instill within her the knowledge, skills, and competencies she needs to thrive in the 21st century.

Guatemala is a country where many of the greatest challenges facing our world—poverty, climate change, and corruption—collide to perpetuate inequality. Countries that thrive have in common: they invest in and maximize the talent of their entire society. In too many places across the globe, girls reside outside the margins. The solution to many of Guatemala’s problems is in the shadows. Young women represent their country’s greatest resource. They are not the problem; they are the solution. They are the talent that just needs opportunity. Now, more than ever, the world needs their talents.

At the MAIA Impact School, we are re-envisioning what education looks like in rural Guatemala to unlock the potential of young women to be the leaders we need.

Specials Guests:

Guatemala is a highly polarized society. We know that MAIA’s Girl Pioneers will bridge this divide to create a more inclusive world. Our guests for this evening reflect how girls’ education creates connectivity and a shared commitment to MAIA’s vision:

  • Vilma Saloj, Middle School Director at the MAIA Impact School

  • María Kaltschmit, award-winning entrepreneur from Guatemala City

  • Roberto Paíz, media expert from Guatemala City

Each will speak to their personal “why” behind committing to girls’ education and the deep epiphanies it has provoked for them along the way.

Ticket go on sale on July 8th.

Questions? Email Laura at laura@maiaimpact.org for more information.

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