Director of Development

Position: Director of Development
Location: US-based position can be remote or located in the MAIA Denver office  

About MAIA
Founded in 2007, MAIA unlocks and maximizes the potential of young women to lead transformational change. Through a powerful combination of local leadership and rigorous innovation, MAIA is unleashing the power of the “Girl Effect” among some of Guatemala’s poorest families and communities.

Women in Guatemala suffer from the largest gender gap in the Latin American/Caribbean region. Indigenous women represent almost 25% of Guatemala’s population and are particularly marginalized. Few have gone beyond the thick glass ceiling that has for centuries denied them an education and the opportunity to develop and use their unique talents and skills. 

MAIA’s theory of change is predicated on the idea of providing intensive services for selected Girl Pioneers and families so that they can lead transformational change for many. To achieve this, MAIA maintains the following principles:

  • Congruency—MAIA is among the few organizations led and run by women from the community it serves.

  • Depth over breadth—The emphasis on achieving success with (not in spite of) families takes time but ensures sustainable results.

  • Abundance mindset—International innovators introduce revolutionary concepts into rural Mayan Guatemala through training local MAIA staff, who then contextualize, apply, and share the methods among other organizations serving youth throughout Guatemala. 

MAIA’s innovative program is based in the department of Sololá, with a support office in Denver, Colorado. 

The Position
Reporting to and in partnership with the Executive Director (ED), the Director of Development in the US will spearhead and deepen fundraising efforts to meet the needs of the organization’s growth trajectory and strategic plan.

The objective of this position is to grow and maximize the potential of MAIA’s donors, primarily through face-to-face engagements and asks, with our existing portfolio of supporters and with new prospects you identify. You are responsible for the design of the annual development plan, which is implemented in concert with team members in the US and Guatemala. This plan will contain all of the strategies, calendar, and metrics for measuring progress in securing the investment of all individuals, as well as foundations and corporations. You will facilitate the team to achieve the plan’s objectives, and directly own the part of the plan associated with major gifts. 

Your job will be broken down into three main areas:

 1.  Strengthen—and widen—the circle of new donors 

  • Develop, communicate, and supervise the annual Development Plan, including strategies, calendar, and metrics for an individual and foundation giving goal of $1.2M 

  • Design, implement, and lead the promotion of innovative events and/or trips to Guatemala that highlight MAIA’s empowerment focus while offering opportunities for new donor engagement

  • Strategically network relevant spaces in the US to promote MAIA, focusing specifically on opportunities for new donor engagement

  • In partnership with the administrative assistant (in Denver), oversee the fundraising components related to MAIA Guatemala staff and student visits to maximize the opportunity to connect with current and new constituents

  • Design, lead, and communicate a plan to secure planned giving among MAIA donors, encouraging donors to leverage their gifts by reviewing options for investment opportunities

 2.  Steward and augment MAIA’s portfolio of major donors

  • Be the primary relationship manager for all investors in the US who provide support at $5,000 or more 

  • As part of the annual Development Plan, manage the major gift stewardship calendar and tracking for the MAIA team, including reminders to colleagues and Board, mid-year and annual appeals, and bulk mailings

  • Lead the design and promotion of exclusive trips to Guatemala for major donors (MAIA colleagues in Guatemala will operate the trips) 

  • In collaboration with the ED, support the Board of Directors with efforts (home events, organizing trips to Guatemala, etc.) to engage their networks around MAIA 

 3.  Oversee and implement the US-based systems and procedures related to MAIA’s communications with donors

  • Oversee the creation, management, and sharing of promotional materials and tools for the major gifts program

  • Support the administrative assistant in facilitating donor communication processes that are more efficiently completed in the US, e.g., bulk mailing appeals and thank-you notes

FIRST-YEAR DELIVERABLES: By the end of year 1, you will…

  1. Visit MAIA in Guatemala and create a compelling, personal narrative that contains MAIA’s key messages.

  2. Have face-to-face meetings with 75% of the people in the major gifts portfolio of 30 contacts. Be familiar with the existing portfolio of top-25 individuals and understand their motivations and connection with MAIA.

  3. Ensure that all existing pledges from the major gifts group are honored.

  4. Identify 5 new funding prospects to engage with.

  5. Have individual meetings or calls with each MAIA Board member to explain your role and strategize how he/she can introduce prospects to MAIA. Communicate frequently with each Board member to provide follow-up.

  6. Motivate at least three of the top-25 to visit MAIA in Guatemala.

  7. Convert one prospect into a top-25 investor.  

 LONG-TERM GOALS: Within two years, you will...

  1. Develop a personal version of an engagement tool that you can deliver without hesitation or assistance.

  2. Secure one planned giving gift among the top-25 donors.

  3. Gain the full trust of all Board members to conduct face-to-face meetings with qualified prospects that they introduce. Create strategies and systems to widen MAIA’s base of individual investors in Guatemala and abroad.

  4. Actively support Board recruitment efforts to attract talent.

  5. Create and execute a plan for engaging the wider audience in MAIA’s strategy for systemic change, in coordination with the ED.   

The Ideal Candidate...

  • Is a fundraiser who has found a kinship in sales language and approaches. You are eager to build meaningful connections and hungry for the opportunity to make the ask because you know that philanthropy is about having the chance to make an impact. You might have started in a corporate sales or business development setting, or found sales-based best practices have worked well in fundraising.

  • Believes in a team selling approach. You are not attached to handling every step of the process of engaging prospective donors, and regularly practice bringing in other team members for their approach or perspective. You are comfortable coaching others in best practices.

  • Is an action-obsessed strategic organizer. Rather than being too focused on all the details, they outline the strategy and work the process for each prospect or opportunity, from initial preparation and phone call to the final follow-through. This person is methodical without letting process slow them down.

  • Has strong intercultural communication skills, and can code-switch in/out of extreme contexts (from rural Mayan villages to the country club, and everywhere in between).

  • Has a “roll up your sleeves” attitude. You thrive in small teams and are used to doing your own administrative tasks. 

  • Is a systems thinker. You enjoy improving upon existing processes so they’ll serve the organization in the long haul. You know the value of using a database like Salesforce to keep track of key information and ultimately serve donors well. 

  • Speaks and writes in a way that compels people. Having those same skills in Spanish is a huge plus. 

  • Zooms in and out of detail. You can operate at high levels (thinking big and strategically) while being able to zoom into details around individual donors. 

  • Shares a firm belief in a rights-based focus (development, not charity) and commitment to local empowerment. 

Location and Travel: This US-based position can be remote or located in the Denver office. Frequent travel (40-50%) will be required, mostly within the US, with twice-annual trips to Guatemala.

Salary: $80,000-$95,000, negotiable depending on experience level.

To Apply:
If this profile calls out to you
, please send to our partners at For Impact: your résumé, along with a tailored, authentic cover letter that explains 1) why this mission excites you; and 2) why this particular role is a fit for you. 

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