She's Hired!

In 2012, as a part of its BRIDGE program for high school girls, Starfish is providing young women with their first “real job” experience.  The beauty of this program is the “win-win” nature of it where Starfish students have part-time jobs other local non-profit organizations.  This way, young women are able to better hone their talents and interests while serving the needs of their communities.


In the case of 11th grader Elsa, she was recently hired by Friendship Bridge to help their HR department.  Friendship Bridge is a large women’s microcredit and education organization.  Elsa, who will graduate high school as a secretary next year, has never had a formal job before.  Her mother never got past the first grade and now has 12 children to care for.  Outside Starfish, Elsa would have no access to career guidance to help her plan her future beyond high school.  With this opportunity, Elsa has her foot in the door of a respected organization and the opportunity to develop tangible skills and talents that will no doubt serve her well as she starts her career.

This program provides Elsa with a small stipend from Starfish (via Dining for Women) and Friendship Bridge.  She works part-time while she continues in high school.

Posted on February 3, 2012