Meet Lorena

Three years ago, Lorena was a typical 14 year-old girl in rural Guatemala. She hid her poor self-esteem by energetically begging tourists for handouts. Her posture betrayed her though. She walked slumped over almost like the men in her community who have to carry heavy loads of firewood.


In 2008, Lorena became a member of the first Starfish pilot group. Like most, her transformation started off slow. At first, she was frequently late to the meetings and had spotty attendance. However her mentor, a local indigenous woman, saw a light buried by misfortune and a poor self image.


Today, one is struck by the confidence and cheerfulness of this beautiful young woman. Her smile lights up the room as she happily welcomes visitors to her home or participates in her weekly peer-support group. She is proud of her good grades and that she is enrolled in high-school- a goal she previously could not have imagined for herself. She seems unstoppable as she chats about plans to attend the university, become a lawyer, and return to help women in her community. Knowing who she is, what she can do, and with the determination to make her dreams a reality, Lorena has become a shining star.

Lorena is generously sponsored by Carol and Al Lewandowski

Posted on April 22, 2011