Girl Pioneers Honor Their Moms

As MAIA Girl Pioneers blaze new trails, the support of their families is a critical part of their education and success. Throughout their lives and educational journeys, the mothers of Girl Pioneers make a significant impact on their daughters. This Mother’s Day, Girl Pioneers honored their mothers by sharing how their moms support them in their education and why they value their mother-daughter relationships.

Angélica about her mom, Paulina:
My mom supports me in different ways so that I can concentrate on my education. She is one of the people who motivates me day by day. She does everything possible so that I can do my homework. I also receive economic and moral support from her.

Photo by Kate Lord Photography + Films

Photo by Kate Lord Photography + Films

She is an understanding, hardworking, and unique woman. She always fights for the good of her children. She is very responsible, respectful, and humble. I value these qualities so much because I think she has taught me to be like her.

[I am proud of my mom because] despite the fact that she did not have the opportunity to go to school, she is conscious of the importance of education for us (her children).

My biggest dream for her is that she would form the habit of reading because she is someone who is fascinated by the adventures of other lives. [I also dream] that she would accomplish her dream of launching her business that will benefit other women.

Milsa about her mom, Magdalena:
My mom supports me in different ways, such as my studies. She supports me mentally because she always encourages me to continue moving forward with my studies. Sometimes when I [sleep late in the morning because I] am tired from my homework, she wakes me up. She also supports me with the breakfast and lunch that I take to school.

Photo by Kate Lord Photography + Films

Photo by Kate Lord Photography + Films

The things that I value about my mom are her efforts because she is always there to support me if I encounter an obstacle. I also appreciate the love that she gives me. She always says, “Things must be done calmly.” I value her words a lot because not all mothers say that. I value the work that she does to keep my family moving forward.

I feel proud to have a mother who is peaceful, responsible, and, above all, loving towards her children! I am proud to have a bold mom because if she has goals, she achieves them through a lot of dedication.

My biggest dream for my mom and her future is that she will feel proud of her daughter because she will be graduating from university and a professional. In this way, I can help take care of her and protect her. [I also dream that] she will have good health so that she will be able to live with my family for a long time.

Photo by Kate Lord Photography + Films

Photo by Kate Lord Photography + Films

Evelyn about her mom, Rosita:
[My mom supports me in my education with] economic support, and helping with daily problems and other academic work, even if it is helping me to paint, cut, and/or draw. Sometimes when I don’t have time to cook, she makes me something to eat and brings me atol (a traditional Guatemalan corn cider) if I am doing homework.

I value her advice, love, effort, and the support that she has always given me. Even though life can be painful; it is beautiful at my mom’s side.

I feel proud of her because she has taught me how to work and dedicate myself to my studies. Above all, [I am] proud to have an innovative, intelligent, hardworking, and entrepreneurial mom who perseveres, and it makes me happy.

How has your mother played a vital role in your life? What do you value about the mothers that you know? In honor of the important women in your life, you can support Girl Pioneers and their mothers who are helping to shape their experiences. Give today and partner with MAIA moms who are raising their daughters to be empowered leaders.